When to Replace or Fix Damaged Wooden Fence

Without a doubt, wood fences offer an elegant aesthetic to a property. It does not matter if it is for your business or home. In addition to that, wood fences also add value, security, and privacy to your property.  

Typically, a well-maintained and high-quality wooden fence of treated lumber could last more than 2 decades. Cedar can last 15 to 30 years. Pine can last for 5 to 12 years. Spruce can last for 4 to 7 years.  

Unfortunately, wooden fencing needs regular maintenance if you want it to keep looking its best and properly functioning. At some point, you might be faced with trying to choose whether to replace or fix the wooden fence.  

Lucky for you, we are here to help. Before you hire Portland fence builders to fix or replace your fence, here are a couple of things you should know: 

When to Replace Your Wood Fence 

A fence replacement is obviously required if your wood fence has been hit by a falling tree or a car. You might also have to replace your fence if it has been damaged by pests, such as termites and more. Here are a couple of other cases where you might have to replace your wooden fence: 

  • Expensive Repairs 

At a particular point, buying a new fence will simply make a lot more sense financially compared to constantly investing money into repairs.  

  • Loose and Missing Fasteners 

A couple of nails and screws can fall out over time. However, a complete fence replacement might be needed if most of your fasteners are loose or missing. 

  • Split and Missing Boards 

The years of exposure to rain and sun and the constant thaw and freeze cycle during the winter can cause the wood to split. You can fix if 1 or 2 boards split or become missing. On the other hand, if you’ve got a couple of them that are missing or split, then you have to think about replacing the whole fence.  

  • Leaning 

A bit of leaning in one part of the fence can be fixed. However, years of shifting ground, rain, and wind can cause your fence to lose strength, lean, and will eventually require replacement.  

  • Rotting 

You can replace a single rotting board. However, if the whole fence is rotted, it might be time for you to replace it.  

When to Fix Your Wood Fence 

Check your posts, boards, and rails every year to search for indications of rotting, bowing, or splitting. Also, you’ve got to pay close attention to where the fence meets the ground. Splitting is common in wooden fence. Usually, they are not a cause for concern. However, broken boards and rotten wood should be replaced and removed right away. In addition to that, you have to reseal your fence at least once a year or if water starts to soak inside the wood instead of beading on the surface.  

If you don’t know what to do with your wood fence, you can always hire a professional fence building company for help.